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management development program on developing leader ship skills


Developing Leadership Skills March 11-14, 2013 (4 Days)

Programme Co-ordinator: Prof. Madhavi Mehta

L eadership is the art of getting someone else to do something you want done because he wants to do it.   HD wight Eisenhower



This quote points at two very critical aspects of effective leadership - ability to create a vision and ability to garner people's commitment towards the vision. The current times also necessitate the need for "leadership" to be a widespread virtue and not a prerogative of the privileged few. What we as a society need is leadership at various levels within the organizations as well as community at large.

Leadership thought has evolved over time from the state when it was a widespread belief that "Leaders are born" to the current state when leadership is seen as a set of behaviours that can be learnt. This programme aims at providing opportunities to participants to understand current leadership thought and its evolution as well as to discuss some behavioural and situational theories of leadership. The programme also intends to help participants develop self-awareness towards their leadership style preferences and leadership effectiveness.


•         Evolution of leadership thought

•         Behavioural and situational leadership models

•         Assessment of leadership styles and skills

•         Leadership for transformation

•         Leadership   communications:   One-on-One,   with   groups, meetings




•         Team leadership skills

•         Leadership mistakes that must be avoided and why


This programme would be useful for those in small, medium-sized or big organizations who have the responsibility of influencing people, be it their own team or the team at the community level.


The programme will be conducted through interactive lectures, case discussions videos, and exercises. Some instruments would be used for developing self-awareness amongst the participants regarding their leadership style preferences and leadership skills. Sharing of experiences by the participants forms a crucial component of the programme.

Resource Persons

Prof. Hitesh Bhatt Prof. KV Raju Prof. Madhavi Mehta Prof. SN Biswas

Deadline for Confirmation of Participation: February 15,2013

Monday , 25   February , 2013