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Multiple research positions in Biomarker Team sanctioned to ICGEB

Research positions in Biomarker Team. Funded by the Canadian Grand Challenge and Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, ICGEB New Delhi is looking for:

1. Project Coordinator (must have a MSc degree with at least 4 years post MSc research experience. Experience in industry is desirable. Training in intellectual Property Rights mandatory);
2. Research Associate (must have submitted PhD thesis or degree awarded, with at least one international publication, work expierience on HPLC and GC essential);
3. Junior and/or Senior Research fellow (must have MSc degree in mathematics, chemistry or biology, interest in either chemometric data analysis, metabolomics or molecular biology techniques essential. Senior research fellow must have at least one year post MSc research experience); 

Salary will depend on the experience of the candidates.

Interested candidates can send their Curriculum Vitae, with a detailed description of their experience, to Dr. Ranjan Nanda, ICGEB New Delhi, India.

Closing date for applications : 21 December 2011


Friday , 16   December , 2011