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Detenues beaten at some Afghan-run prisons: UNAMA


Oct 10,  7:47 PM
The United Nations Aid Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA)has said that detenues at some Afghan-run prisons have been beaten and tortured, it also said that the mistreatment was however not the result of government policy. UNAMA issued its 74 page report on mistreatment of conflict related detenues in Kabul today. It says that Afghan security agencies fully cooperated with the investigation, and took measures to stop the abuse after being presented with the report.

The United Nations has hoped that the report’s finding will serve as a catalyst to reforms in the judiciary, prosecution and law enforcement sectors in Afghanistan. It also says that Afghan authorities will take all necessary measures to prevent and end any acts of mistreatment in the future. Last month the NATO had announced that it will stop transferring detenues to 16 prisons run by Afghan National Police and the Directorate of Security.


Monday , 10   October , 2011