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e-Value Chain Management in Rural Enterprises November 2-4, 2011



36 Institute of Rural Management, Anand
Managing value chain (VCM) has been a 
challenge for all enterprises despite having 
sound methods for supply chain management 
(SCM). Information and Communication 
Technologies (ICT) have paved the way for 
effective SCM. However, value propositions in 
each layer in the enterprise activities need to be 
assessed in order to ensure that stockholders 
and stakeholders garner the desired benefits. 
In the Indian context, enterprises vary in 
size, sector, turnover, and other parameters. 
Rural enterprises in particular face enormous 
challenges to sustain the value chain because 
of various market conditions and other 
business issues. Despite policies for MSMEs, 
Indian producers still have to grapple with 
economies of scale, scope, and integration. 
Thus, there is a need to understand the 
underpinnings of value chains in the entire 
enterprise life cycle. 
This programme is interdisciplinary in nature, 
drawing inputs from management principles 
spanning the entire spectrum of enterprise: 
ICT, SCM, VCM, enterprise resource 
planning (ERP), organizational behaviour, 
etc. The programme would demonstrate the 
effectiveness of management approaches in 
dealing with problems related VCM, SCM, 
and ICT adoption in managing enterprises 
driven value systems.
The programme will be conducted through 
interactive analysis, case studies, small group 
discussions, and presentations. 
The programme is intended for executives of 
enterprises, entrepreneurs, professionals from 
NGOs, producer organizations, etc.
` 15,000 per Indian participant and US$ 600 
per overseas participant
e-Value Chain Management in Rural Enterprises
November 2-4, 2011
Programme Co-ordinators:
Prof. Harekrishna Misra & Prof. KV Raju 
Deadline for Confirmation of Participation: October 15, 2011
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Friday , 7   October , 2011