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Basic Financial Literacy Course by NCFM & MKCL

Basic Financial Literacy Course

Financial literacy refers to the set of skills and knowledge that allows an individual to make informed and effective decisions through their understanding of finance. Financial Literacy is important to help individuals meet their life’s goals and objectives.

National Stock Exchange (NSE) has been carrying out financial literacy programs in various forms. It offers courses for schools and colleges in financial literacy and carries out training programs for investors, students and market participants.
NSE has joined hands with Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation Ltd. (MKCL) to launch a course in basic financial literacy. The aim of the course is to educate learners on simple concepts of personal finance. The course covers in a simple language topics such as income, taxation, expenditure, savings & investment avenues, borrowing, managing risk, budgeting etc. Participants would also learn about various financial institutions and in what ways they can benefit from these institutions. The course helps participants to become aware of different products through which they can meet their financial needs and learn about the benefits of prudent financial behaviour.

The course is presently available at select MKCL’s Authorised Learning Centres across Maharashtra only. There are many such centres, thus giving greater access to participants who are interested in the course.

The course comprises of 14 modules of approx. 60 minutes each. At the end of the course there would be an online examination and successful candidates will be provided with an NSE-MKCL certification in basic financial literacy.

Those interested in taking up the basic financial literacy course may contact: 

Mr. Amit Gupta
Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation Ltd.
502, 5th Floor,
Platinum Techno Park,
Near Vashi Rly. Station,
Sector – 30 A, 
Navi Mumbai: 400705.
Phone: +91-22-2781 4261/ 2
Direct no.: + 91-22-39107857 

Tuesday , 4   October , 2011